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Paving Design Expert 2.2

Designer for the paving tiles and parquets

With paving of sidewalk tile and blocks besides the qualitative performance of works it is necessary to develop such project of paving, which will appear most aesthetically and it will be entered in the general design of the surrounding space. In this case it is necessary to consider both the wishes of customer and limitations, which escape from the technical characteristics of the selected tile.

In the general case with the design of paving sidewalk tile it is necessary to consider these conditions:

  • Selection of the form of the tile
  • Selection of pattern, i.e., the method of paving the tile
  • To leave place, for example, for the flower bed
  • The tiles of the specific color must lie on the boundary of section
  • Colored tiles must be encountered in the section, forming the repetitive pattern
  • Possibly, customer still itself was not determined with the form of tile and will make a selection before very beginning the paving
  • Approaching the work, necessary to know how much will be required the tiles in all, and how many of them colored. But also how many halves and in turn, how many of them the colored
  • And still it would be rather well draw sketch maximally approximating the original so that the customer would confirm that he had in the form precisely THIS THING

It is obvious that the composition of paper sketch or drawing of a similar project of paving sidewalk tile will be very labor-consuming process. But its correction with the purpose to try pave with the diverse variants of block paving becomes the task, impracticable practically.

It is also obvious that the automation of the design of paving sidewalk tile will significantly reduce the time of the development of design and gives the possibility to compose several alternative designs and selection of them of the best. Moreover, draft can be drawn up in the presence of customer with his direct participation. We represent the program "designer of sidewalk tile", which fulfills all enumerated functions. It is in more detail...

New in program
Fixed the bug in Redo function that appeared after Undo function for the first graphic element was executed.
1. In the pattern all the tiles of one form can be replaced by the tiles of another form.
Possible use – when you create in program the tiles of the same form but with different thickness. In this case it’s possible to create the copy of the pattern with new name assigned and change one kind of tiles to another.
2. Undo/Redo for colors setting in pattern coloring.
3. In project Editor while working with multiple projects it's possible to switch between the projects by clicking the right button of the mouse.
12.05.2014 Added Undo/Redo features for the tile colors setting in the project.
08.05.2014 1. There was created possibility to cancel the last done action (Undo) and to return the last cancelled action (Redo) in the Tile Editor, Pattern Editor and Project Editor. So far this concerns only adding, deleting and changing the size and positioning of the graphic elements. It’s not allowed to cancel/return the tiles filling of the project, color changing and pattern overlay and so on.
2. Functionality of the tool "Select tile" was expanded. You can select all the tiles or tiles of the same color at once.
01.02.2014 1. The functionality of the button “Add tile as it is” in the Patterns Editor was expanded. Now you can add the tile not only to the selected point, but also joint it with the last added tile.
2. In the Pattern Editor you can put the template on the sketch and place the tiles according to it. This template is created the same way as you draw tiles in the Tile Editor, the template selection is done from the tiles list.
26.11.2013 1. You can create edging along the arc either.
2. In the Pattern Editor you can move and rotate the tiles by the mouse. You need to choose the appropriate tool on the tool bar.
25.11.2013 There were fixed the mini-display positioning bug and zoom changing bug.
29.10.2013 There was fixed the presentation export bug of the project with clones.
11.08.2013 There were fixed minor bugs concerning the selection of the tile groups and working with the mini-display.
06.08.2013 Selected pattern are indicated in "Create edge" dialog.
12.07.2013 Draft parameters - sizes, positioning andscale - are saved together with a project. Next time project will be opened with the same parameters.
14.02.2013 Line drawing dialog are changed. It is opened when press + while you draw a line or a polyline. Now it is possible to draw line in absolute and relative coordinates from the same dialog.
13.02.2013 Error in edge creating is fixed.
11.02.2013 A project can control its own edges for correct joining. It seeks edges whose ends is not joined to other edge's ends. The following errors can appear because of incorrect joining:
  • Paving fills some figure, that is not congruent with project's edges
  • Paving edns with error message about paving layers which are collided
07.01.2013 Version 2.2 releases. The main improvement - some projects on a single draft. Read more in online user manual.