Paving Design Expert 2.2

How to draw "This one"

In this lesson you will know how to use the new functionality appeared in version 2.2.

This tutorial DOES NOT explain:
  • basics of drawing geometric figures - tiles and projects
  • creation of halves tiles molds
  • drafting patterns
    These aspects are described in the manual, you can read there about them. Some other basic things will be discussed in as much details as it is necessary to explain the topic. For further explanations refer to the reference manual.
    First of all, let's agree to call "working draft" what you are requested to draw and place. And what we draw and fill tiles in the program will be called simply "project" (as previously established in the program).
    The main unifying theme of the lesson is "Several projects in one drawing." Start your learning from this point.
    Several projects in one drawing
    Draft dimensions
    Drawing with dialogue
    Creating the edgings
    Cloning projects
    Main space tile filling
    Drawing with a mini-display
    Custom colors
    Filling squares
    Final processing of the working draft