Paving Design Expert 2.2

Drawing with dialogue

Click button "Polyline" . At the point with coordinates (0; 0), press the right mouse button while holding down the Shift. Such dialogue will appear here, and the point (0; 0) will be his actual point. Actual becomes any point at which we click <Shift>+<right mouse button>. This only works when drawing a line or polyline.

Below, in the section named "... from actual point in direction" enter "14" and press "Right".

From the current point (0; 0) will be drawn the 14 meters length line to the right and the current point will be (14; 0). The value "14" will disappear to empty the cell for the next size entering.

Here enter "5.6" and press "Up".

Enter "14" and press "Left".

Enter "5.6" and press "Down".

If done correctly, the rectangle has closed at the point (0; 0). As you can see, it is convenient to use when we know the length of each segment of the outline.
Close the dialog. Now draw the lower trapezoid. Push <Shift>+<right mouse button> at the point (5.4; 0). At the same place as last time enter "1.2" and press "Up".

Now you have to draw a diagonal line. To do this use two coordinates. In the middle section, which is also called "... with offset from the actual point" enter "0.8" and "0.8" on both axes and click "Draw".

Next at the bottom enter "1.6" and press "Right".

Now you have to draw a diagonal line, but in the other direction. Therefore, the coordinates for it would be "0.8" by X and "-0.8" by Y.

Next at the bottom enter "1.2" and press "Down".

Absolutely similarly draw upper trapezoid. We start from the point (5.4; 5.6). Consistently enter and press: "1.2", "Down", "0.8" and "-0.8", "Draw", "1.6", "Right", "0.8" and "0.8" "Draw", "1.2", "Up."

Likewise draw two squares. The first begins at the point (1.8; 1.8). For it enter and press "2", "Right", "2", "Up", "2", "To the Left", "2", "Down." The second starts at the point (10.2; 1.8). Its dimensions are the same.