Paving Design Expert 2.2

The program helps to design tile paving. Main features:
  1. Use tiles of any forms. Tile may be drawn with segments and arcs. Decorative lines can be drawn inside tile's edges.
  2. Create set of tiles and pave project with pattern which consists of tiles of various forms.
  3. Draw projects of any form and any size. Eges may be drawn with segments and arcs too.
  4. Blank spaces inside project's edge.
  5. Use custom pattern of paving, at your imagination. Change orientation of paving, align it along one of the edges.
  6. Paved tiles can be erased and paved again. And erase again, and pave again, until appropriate pattern and place are found.
  7. Paint tiles with different colors. Paint single tile or group of tiles. Color pattern can be replicated throughout project.
  8. Decorate project "as stone surface". Decorative texture can be taken from any picture.
  9. Print project's sketch. Completely or edges only. Or selected area only.
  10. Build project report to see how many whole tiles and halves in every color you need to make project.
  11. Smart tools for drawing. You can assign precise size of graphic objects. Smart scaling.
  12. Use program to design any project which consist of regular pattern of any kind: parquet, facing tiles, etc.
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